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Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony to celebrate FruiTea Bubbles Café

January 14, 2022

FruiTea Bubbles Café has invited city and county officials to attend its ribbon-cutting ceremony on January 14, 2022.

FruiTea Bubbles Café is pleased to announce that it will hold a Ribbon-Cutting ceremony for its recently renovated tea shop onsite Friday, January 14, 2022 at 11:00am. 
“We’re happy to introduce our popular concept to the community and those who helped bring this dream to fruition,” said Lisa Lindsay, the owner of FruiTea Bubbles Café. “The ribbon-cutting ceremony for FruiTea Bubbles Café marks the launch of a new era in Smyrna.” 

FruiTea Bubbles Café is the new premier tea shop in Smyrna, GA. The menu was specially crafted to offer a delicious and exemplary experience to all guests alike. The best time of the day will be tea time as guests can choose from milk teas, fruit teas, iced teas, flavored lemonades, hot teas, and sweet treats. Each drink comes with the option to add flavored popping pearls or tapioca pearls, also known as boba. Additionally, FruiTea Bubbles Café will sell delectable sugar and gluten free food options for everyone to enjoy.   

The new bubble tea cafe is located in the heart of downtown Smyrna, with City Hall as its neighbor. Perfectly placed in the Smyrna Village, guests and local residents will have plenty of access to parking and could possibly even walk from home. The beautiful 1300 sq ft location started as a blank slate with just 4 plain walls and a vision. The owner quickly executed her plan in just a few months and designed a visually appealing concept. She and her team managed to turn those 4 walls into a kitchen, retail space, dining area, and plenty of counter space for the staff. Lisa Lindsay dreamt of a place where local families could enjoy tea and treats in a relaxing setting; after finishing renovations, she realized that she had done just that. 

FruiTea Bubbles Café plans to follow up the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with a Grand Opening Weekend celebration that will wrap up on Monday. FruiTea Bubbles Café looks forward to getting well acquainted with the local community and the surrounding areas. 

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