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Local Small Business Owner Supports Public Safety, Hospitals during Crisis

June 1, 2020

The restaurant industry, more than any other industry has suffered in this time of the pandemic. The business and jobs lost is unfathomable because of the COVID-19.  More than 8 million restaurant employees have been laid off and/or furloughed and lost their jobs.  The total losses to date is believed to be in the vicinity of over $80 billion in sales.

Many small businesses especially the restaurants are believed not to survive at all, and will remain closed, and may never open again.

It is with a heavy heart to know that the small business owners who are the heart of America will suffer the fate that they face right now.

The fear and uncertainty is unbelievable. However, as a consolation we fight and give it our all. We dedicate our survival with ever faithful supporters who back us up and give the strong hope that we will continue and continue, and continue with all our might and surrender to the one above who is mightier and encourages us to stay strong.  It is an uncertain battle but we won’t give up. NO WAY, NO WAY and we are HERE TO STAY.

When the orders to close came last March, we thought that was the end. Again the scare is more than the reality.  We remember that tears were flowing down naturally without realizing that we were really crying.  I remember my father saying that we might be seeing the end of the many years of fighting for our business. He said, that if we can make it for a week or two, we might make it “maybe”. I remember seeing more and more small businesses closing more and more each day.   Very discouraging indeed, but we turned it around and instead made it an encouragement. We vowed to “stay and pray”.

We are very proud that we are still here. And we are doing the same as we did before the pre-pandemic time. Our commitment to the service men and the community is undeterred as always. The week of May 12 we gave away free meals to more than 200 public safety first responders. The following week we also partnered with Wellstar Hospital to provide about 160 meals to their employees and frontliners.  We also gave around 120 food baskets with fresh veggies canned goods and chicken to the community.

We feel very blessed and proud to be part of the small business community. God bless.

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