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Town Center CID Launches New Website

January 15, 2020

The Town Center Community Improvement District (CID) is excited to announce its brand-new, dynamic website ( to kick off the decade. The site presents the CID as a driving force behind projects that have benefitted Cobb County’s business community for 23 years. Furthermore, it provides a more significant web presence for the CID’s creative placemaking focus, in the form of its nonprofit arm, the Town Center Community Alliance.

Developed by Marietta agency 524 Creative, the new site’s design fully integrates the CID’s organizational vision and mission. Clear, user-friendly navigation streamlines their message and empowers users to find what they’re looking for faster. Each page showcases the CID’s thoughtful, forward-thinking plans for the area through refined messaging and imagery that draws in the viewer.

The visual experience builds upon the CID’s brand, which they introduced in 2015. The design represents a refinement of the diamond shapes that comprise the CID logo, bringing them to the forefront. The site also implements new color gradients that complement the CID’s vibrant palette.  

“Our fresh website design is an evolution of our established visual brand, one that we are thrilled to roll out across all our upcoming marketing,” said Tracy Rathbone Styf, executive director of the Town Center CID. “The Town Center area is unique because it integrates natural assets into a prosperous business center. The site perfectly represents its incomparable character as well as the CID’s overall vision—to make Town Center a vibrant, accessible community and inviting regional destination.”

“We love that innovation is an integral part of the Town Center CID brand and an explicit focus of their board,” said April Wright, principal of 524 Creative. “Their openness to new ideas and boundary-pushing consistently makes them trailblazers in their field. It was a pleasure to partner with them on their new website and previous branding, and we are excited to see it launch.”

About the Town Center CID

Founded in 1997, the Town CID is dedicated to the betterment of the Town Center area through transportation infrastructure, safety improvements, beautification and other projects that enhance property value by increasing interest and investment in the community. The Town Center CID utilizes funds from voluntary commercial real estate taxes to implement its projects. For more information, please visit

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