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Legacy Brain & Spine Announces New Upright MRI Machine

August 7, 2019

No need to travel outside Cobb County for your back or neck pain; especially because these injuries often make travel a painful and difficult ordeal. Your local Cobb County brain and spine specialist, Legacy Brain & Spine, now offers an upright-open MRI scanner, as well as a variety of other diagnostic and treatment options.

Neck and back pain can be caused by various diseases and injuries. Typically, neck pain is the cause of overuse; however, accidents, falls, and strains can also lead to torn muscles, injured tendons, or pinched nerves. Back pain is often caused by spinal issues, such as spinal stenosis or a slipped disk. With so much soft tissue and bones in these areas, an MRI is a great option for finding fast and accurate results. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses a magnetic field and radio waves to provide detailed images of the soft tissue, bones, joints, and organs of the affected area. IT DOES NOT EXPOSE THE PATIENT TO RADIATION like a CT scanner.

While traditional MRI machines are enclosed tubes that can leave patients nervous and claustrophobic, the upright-open MRI allows patients to feel relaxed and unencumbered. The new, upright model provides weight-bearing positioning on joints (back, hip, knee) to stimulate pain the patient normally feels, providing a more accurate and better diagnosis. Traditional MRI machines must be completed in a supine position, limiting the positioning and diagnosis of the ailment.

Dr. Said Elshihabi, or Dr. E as many patients refer to him, is a board-certified neurosurgeon who works with patients suffering from a variety of brain and spinal disorders. His new Legacy Brain & Spine Imaging Center is conveniently located in Cobb County, providing accurate imaging and diagnosis without having to travel out of county or state for the same state-of-the-art MRI.

For more information about Legacy Brain & Spine Imaging Center, call 770-291-8987 to schedule an appointment or visit

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