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Georgia Trade School: 2019 Top 25 Small Business of the Year

May 22, 2019

Georgia Trade School (GTS) graduates build iconic projects (Mercedes Benz Stadium and SunTrust Park), popular film sets (Stranger Things and the Fast & Furious franchise) and protect our national security (building ships for the Navy, Coast Guard and Marines). In an era where the average welder is 55, GTS’ student body average is just 19, providing a true college alternative. With over 700 graduates across 20 states, Georgia Trade School welders are ‘Rebuilding America’.

Over a part- or full-time program, students can expect to learn torch cutting, fabrication techniques, tolerances, measurements, machine operation and maintenance. Students will also have the opportunity at the end of their training to test in accordance with the appropriate industry codes (AWS, ASME) and receive a welder’s certification record reflecting the parameters for which they are qualified to weld.

The student’s classroom time will begin with a focus on welding fundamentals to include safety, equipment used for the various welding processes, and electrical principles related to welding. The student will be involved in blueprint reading, shop drawings, related math and weld symbols.

2018 was Georgia Trade School‘s first full year since purchasing a 30,000 sq. ft. historic mill in downtown Acworth. As a result, GTS is now able to teach 75 students daily and 250 students annually. Despite the growth, classes remain sold out and GTS continues to run 30- to 60-day class waiting lists.

What Makes Georgia Trade School Special?

GTS is earning a reputation as a place where non-traditional populations can be successful. They are seeing more student diversity, especially among women and students with a handicap, and many of those students have gone on to become rock stars in the field.

We take our commitment to quality very seriously. If a student enrolls in GTS and decides the training is not for them- we offer a refund on a sliding scale. We would rather lose money than create an environment that is not magnetic for our staff and students.

Ryan Blythe, Founder

Learn More About Georgia Trade School

Founder: Ryan Blythe

Year Established: 2012

Location: Acworth

Did you know: Beyond its lab and classroom program, Georgia Trade School students learn resume writing, basic job searching techniques and information on career paths within the industry. GTS currently provides job placement assistance and a 95% placement rate.

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