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Win-Tech, Inc.

July 17, 2018


Win-Tech, Inc. is a small, privately-held, veteran-owned, machine shop/ manufacturing company that embraces manufacturing challenges, respects tried-and-true practices to getting the job done, and utilizes new technology to fulfill customer needs. Win-Tech builds parts (commercial, defense, automotive, etc.) to print and supply government users, other businesses and end users. The items Win-Tech builds range from fighter jet boarding ladders and landing gear, to electronic heatsinks and missile fins, to portable surgery tables and jet engine fixtures. Win-Tech is known in the manufacturing industry for being a “go-to” company to make difficult parts. Win-Tech’s moto is, “The difficult we get to right away, the impossible takes a bit longer.”

Win-Tech has built tools and equipment for large customers like Lockheed Martin and small prototypes for R&D for customers like Georgia Tech and several start-ups. They have also aided in massive overhauls of military equipment to help keep our armed forces work effect and safe on the bases. By working closely to the customers and holding communication and customer service to the highest standard, Win-Tech is nimble and able to move in the direction that their customers want them to move with autonomy. Win-Tech is AS9100D-Certified, an aerospace certification that requires them to maintain records, procedures and quality for all their customers.

In 2017, Win-Tech saw a large sales increase which lead to working with new customers and bigger projects. They hired more machinists to help with the growth of the company. In the next five years, Win-Tech plans to be a key player in the defense and military manufacturing industry, partnering with customers such as Lockheed Martin, Pratt-Whitney, Boeing and others to ensure manufacturing for defense-related products is done with the highest quality in mind and made in the USA (Cobb County, Georgia, to be exact!)

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Owner: Dennis Winslow

 Year Established: 1988

Location: Kennesaw

Number of Employees: 47 (full-time); 1 (part-time)

Percentages of Sales Growth in 2017: 25%

Did you know: Win-Tech’s Product Development Manager is a roll filled by a 23-year old veteran, who started out as a “broom pusher” at Win-Tech.


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