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Vibe Kayaks, LLC

July 13, 2018


Vibe Kayaks, LLC is a Georgia-based fishing and recreational kayak outdoors company. Vibe Kayaks designs, manufactures and distributes feature-rich kayaks for the mid-range buyer. Vibe is a profitable high-growth company that grew from $250k to $7.2 million in sales in the last 4 years by capturing the middle market in the kayak fishing industry, for the fishing and recreational paddlers who want to just get “out there” without breaking the bank. Vibe Kayaks focuses on giving paddlers of any skill level the opportunity to experience the freedom that comes with diving into what nature has to offer. Owners Joshua Thomas and John Ewald describe Vibe Kayaks as a “brand built on a passion for water, fishing and outdoor living.” Josh and John believe that being in nature makes you become a better person and credit all of Vibe’s products to be a perfect combination of good looks, great features and affordability.

Vibe Kayaks increased its growth through strategic expansion of its product line, wholesale market, brand and community building. They continue to grow in sales with an astounding average of 80 percent  year after year. Vibe Kayaks has expanded more by having one of the largest Facebook owner’s group in its industry with over 9,000 active customers, who share help tips and stories about their latest adventures. The company acknowledges their success and support from their paddling community helped lead the company to its flagship model, the Vibe Sea Ghost 130, and being named “Kayak of the Year” in the 2017 voter’s choice awards. Vibe’s goal is to break 50 million in sales in the next 5 years.

Vibe Kayaks is focused on building a meaningful community as much as they are about watercrafts. Vibe didn’t want the purchase of a kayak to be the end of the relationship. Instead, their company develops a culture and an online presence to support their customers in their pursuit of the outdoors, teach customers how to use their kayak, and follow them along in their ongoing journeys and adventures. The Vibe Tribe is a thriving community of active paddlers that actively supports, encourages and helps one another advance in the sport they love.

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Owners: Joshua Thomas and John Ewald

 Year Established: 2013

Location: Kennesaw

Number of Employees: 12 (full-time); 7 (part-time)

Percentages of Sales Growth in 2017: 101%

Did you know: Along with giving donations to organizations, Vibe Kayaks also donated a trailer full of kayaks for rescue support after Hurricane Harvey. They held food and donation drives in addition to sending a team to Texas to help make supply runs and save lives.


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