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Three-13 Salon, Spa & Boutique

July 12, 2018


Three-13 Salon, Spa & Boutique is a well-diversified company that delivers the highest level of professional hair and spa services. With over 44 years of experience, Three-13 has become a notable landmark and pillar throughout the Atlanta, growing from 9 original employees to over 100 currently.

Owners Lester and Marian Crowell and Joseph Lacey started Three-13 Salon to create an experience unparalleled to anything else in the area. Determined to meet their goals, they traveled the world to find the newest trends and techniques to bring them back to Metro Atlanta. Three-13 Salon provides award-winning services of cutting edge hairstyles, hair color, makeup and hair extensions from fashion capitals all around the world.

Extraordinary guest care and experience is very important to Three-13 Salon, Spa & Boutique. When guests come in to Three-13 Salon, the common feedback is “they never had such an amazing experience.” Three-13 carries over 21 lines of professional beauty products which is highly unusual for salons in their industry to carry so many options for their customers. The salon also largely focuses on their staff education on how to be the best service providers. Three-13 Salon values perfection and has an industry consultant who comes in once a month to meet with their staff to review each employee’s numbers to help them better understand how and what they need to do to grow as exceptional professionals. Over the years, Three-13 Salon has successfully propelled hundreds of individuals into further successful careers in the cosmetology industry.  In addition, Three-13 Salon developed an Apprentice Training Program to train professionals on the skill, technique and business development required to become licensed cosmetologist professionals.

Three-13 Salon, Spa & Boutique’s aspiration is to see their stunning salon in full capacity by having each of their chairs filled with employees and valued guests. Three-13 plans to expand their current facility by opening another location in the Metro Atlanta area. Three-13 Salon, Spa and Boutique will continue providing quality care and service to each customer, as well as, continuing to create exceptional and stunning results.

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Owners: Lester E. Crowell Jr.; Marian E. Crowell; Joseph Lacey

Year Established: 1974

Location: Marietta

Number of Employees: 100 (full-time); 12 (part-time)

Percentages of Sales Growth in 2017: 3%

Did you know: Three-13, Spa & Boutique offers complimentary paraffin hand treatments, scalp neck and back massages during the shampoo treatments, makeup touch ups and also complimentary brow color with every color service. Such services would cost upward of $20 elsewhere.


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