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New View Innovation Partners with Sales QB to Deliver Cost Effective Solutions to Small and Medium Sized Businesses

July 11, 2018

SMB Consulting Firm New View Innovation has recently partnered with
the nationally recognized Sales QB Fractional Sales Manager Program to deliver cost effective solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

The partnership came into effect since quite a large number of small and medium sized businesses have recently not been able to afford sales managers. This fact generally has one of two outcomes: the employees in these companies and businesses are either left to deal with all management and supervision related activities and tasks by themselves, or teams end up being managed by unprofessional and inefficient people, resulting in a chaotic environment and undue complications.

In an attempt to solve this problem, New View Innovation and Sales QB have partnered up to fractionalize the Sales Manager position, allowing small and medium sized companies, businesses and organizations to leverage the knowledge and expertise of a seasoned Sales Manager to generate better return on investment. Being result-oriented with extensive sales and sales management experience;

We work with small to medium sized businesses who can’t afford a full-time experienced Sales Manager,” says Stephen Wright, CEO of local Atlanta-based Small to Medium Sized Business Consulting Firm, New View Innovation.

This partnership comes at a time when the trend of using senior resources in a part time capacity is becoming a trend that is increasing in popularity. Fractionalizing the Sales Manager position allows multiple companies, businesses and organizations to increase their sales figures without the chaos of an under-managed sales force, or dealing with the problems that manifest themselves due to inexperienced management techniques being implemented.

With our proprietary sales audit, we identify key sales issues and implement corrective actions that result in revenue growth through proven and repeatable sales processes” said Steve Olson, Executive Vice President, who focuses on the implementation of the Sales QB Fractional Sales Management Product.

The reason why this partnership has come into effect is because having an experienced Sales Manager working closely together with your team ensures that sales best practices are not only regularly audited, but also that the quality and efficiency of lead generation increases as a result.

A professional Sales Manager will also be able to create a proven, repeatable sales process, leverage technology to reduce costs, improve sales with the help of effective models, and improve individual performance through proper coaching and mentoring – all of which are the steps involved in the path to guaranteed growth.

Since the solution is not intended to come into effect as a consultation in general terms, and the Sales Manager will be working within the actual company, business or organization, it will be possible to see better results.

As a member of the team, the Sales Manager will work actively and effectively with professionals at the company or organization in question and perform an initial audit to assess the situation to be in the loop on any issues or problems before implementing strategies and prioritizing activities that are bound to make a difference.

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