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North Georgia Staffing

July 2, 2018


North Georgia Staffing is a dynamic, fast growing staffing and recruiting firm that has a passion for changing lives. North Georgia Staffing has innovative ideas backed by an expert team of experienced staffing professionals who are devoted to growing the business. North Georgia Staffing specializes in assisting Georgia employers with a wide variety of human resources and staffing needs while helping employees to find job opportunities that match their individual skills. North Georgia Staffing believes it is a privilege to provide jobs to those in need and prides themselves in their flexibility, ability to meet clients’ needs and being as efficient and effective as possible in today’s rapidly changing business climate.

In 2017, North Georgia Staffing experienced an unpredicted growth due to excellence in customer service. North Georgia Staffing is made up of 10 offices and 10 onsite offices and plans to add a minimum of one office per year. With adding more locations, North Georgia Staffing can stay connected to their clients and their employees’ needs. North Georgia Staffing not only screens candidates for their job interests, qualifications and skills; but also conducts preplacement skills and personality tests, designed for specific job requirements. This helps to maximize each customer placement for success.

North Georgia Staffing continuously develops new strategies to recruit, identify and screen candidates to stay ahead of their competition. In addition, North Georgia Staffing has opened a new division, North Georgia Staffing Quality. NGS Quality provides employees, from North Georgia Staffing, to use the best practice processes in inspection, sorting, rework and containment for their quality assurance projects. North Georgia Staffing would like to see their Quality Division grow by 25% each year for the next five years.

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 Owners: Debbie Underkoffler and Larry Underkoffler

 Year Established: 2009

Location: Kennesaw

Number of Employees: 60 (full-time); 2 (part-time)

Percentages of Sales Growth in 2017: 50%

Did you know: North Georgia Staffing has found a niche in the automotive manufacturing industry and choose to capitalize on it by following up with referrals. North Georgia Staffing is now staffing in 11 automotive manufacturing companies.


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