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Georgia Trade School

June 19, 2018

Cobb_FMB_June_2018_022Georgia Trade School (GTS) is the nation’s premier independent welding school. Georgia Trade School is employer driven and student focused. Georgia Trade School graduates are among the most coveted in the industry, and they have the resumes to prove it. From naval vessels to world class stadiums and to the nation’s airports to Hollywood blockbusters, GTS grads are rebuilding America.

In terms of marketing, GTS uses a unique marketing strategy, they embraced YouTube personality star ChuckE2009 as a brand ambassador. His channel is the most popular welding channel on YouTube. GTS has paired up with him to create instructional videos that have reached up to 100,000 viewers. GTS provides the best-in-class training on the newest cutting-edge welding technology. Georgia Trade School has an intensive program, with 83% of their students hours used for welding. GTS prides itself on the more you burn, the more you learn and the more you learn, the more you earn. GTS graduates earn salaries on par with graduates with advanced degrees, such as the Executive MBA graduates at Kennesaw State.

One major challenge the school had faced was finding a facility to suit their electrical needs and student growth. Georgia Trade School went from a startup to emerging into a mature company with municipalities across the region who were interested in them, but the supply of available properties remained an obstacle. However, last year GTS decided to expand into a new location—a 30,000 square foot building located in Acworth. Originally built in 1920’s, GTS decided to renovate the antique building and transform a section of Acworth’s historical district to provide the most unique setting in the natation for a welding school. GTS’ new facility is nearly four times the size of its previous location, with 25 welding booths—instead of 15—with more room to grow. The great city of Acworth worked with GTS to increase their public parking access to 200 spaces. This expansion allows GTS to add more classes and students to their facility. Georgia Trade School’s Class of 2017 was 500 graduates strong.

Georgia Trade School has truly shown their company’s growth in the last year including a 46% sales increase. GTS has big goals for the next five years, President Joanna Blythe expects to have 2,000 graduates and for the school to produce over $1M in economic activity. GTS wants their national brand to continue to grow beyond just the 17 states their welders currently represent. With GTS additional space in their Acworth facility, they plan to offer new programs in advanced Tig and Pipefitting. Georgia Trade School is on the right path to completely transform the welding school persona.

Learn More About Georgia Trade School

 Owner: Joanna Blythe

 Year Established: 2012

Location: Acworth

Number of Employees: 9 (full-time)

Percentages of Sales Growth in 2017: 46%

Did you know: Georgia Trade school has appeared in Yahoo! Finance and the Wall Street Journal among many other local and national print publications all highlighting their efforts to rebuild America.


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