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Good Character Cleaners to Hold Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on May 3

May 2, 2018

IMG_20180228_174533_986Good Character Cleaners is pleased to announce they will be holding a ribbon cutting ceremony for their grand opening on May 3.

“I am so happy to introduce Good Character Cleaners to the local community with the help of the Cobb Chamber of Commerce who will facilitate the ribbon cutting,” states the owner Marquita Johnson. The public is invited to attend the ribbon cutting on May 3, 2018 at 3:00pm EST which will be held at the Cobb Chamber of Commerce which is located at 240 North Interstate Parkway in Atlanta GA 30339.

Marquita Johnson is the owner of Good Character Cleaners, a commercial cleaning company that is located in Marietta, GA. servicing Cobb County and surrounding areas. “Good Character Cleaners began as a residential cleaning company that is now changing focus onto the commercial sector of the cleaning industry,” Marquita explains. Marquita continues by stating, “The name Good Character Cleaners came to mind while reminiscing about childhood experiences of cleaning my home in Mississippi utilizing the skills learned from my mother who passed in 2006 after a short battle with cancer. IMG_20180430_190844_778 (002)My pastor also had a big influence on choosing the name because of a moving sermon he gave about his janitorial experiences explaining how it shapes a person’s character. I knew it was time to move my part time residential cleaning efforts into a more full time venture, which resulted in the creation of Good Character Cleaners.”

“The Good Character Cleaners residential client base grew slowly because of limited marketing resources,” states Marquita and continues by saying, “I realized that expanding my knowledge of the cleaning industry along with honing my cleaning skills would help grow Good Character Cleaners, so I searched out a mentor. After finding a business coach who had 25 years in the cleaning industry I began to gain clarity along with the understanding I needed to focus on one area at this time, which is commercial cleaning. So on the advice of my new business coach, Good Character Cleaners is moving into a direction of providing commercial cleaning services which is something that I did not imagine when I started.”

Laura Anderson who is one of Good Character Cleaners clients states, “I hired Good Character Cleaners to clean a rental property, great communication and great job!” Marquita explains, “That even though Good Character Cleaners receives testimonials like this from clients I began expansion efforts by following the advice of my new business coach and became a member of some great networking groups throughout the community including the Cobb Chamber of Commerce.” Marquita continues to explain, “I have met many great people since joining the Chamber of Commerce, which has provided new opportunities for Good Character Cleaners to deliver our quality services. We look forward to continued growth which allows me to provide jobs in the Cobb area.”

Merissa McDonald Hylbak who is another Good Character Cleaners clients says, “Hi Everyone, I’d like to give a shout out to Marquite Veon Johnson of Good Character Cleaning for making my shop Super Clean for you all!!  If you or you know someone who has a commercial space I’d Highly recommend her company!!!  Tell a friend!!!”

Marquita Johnson explains, “Good Character Cleaners wants to be of service to our customers, their employees, their customers, and our community based on Christian values. We stand out because with our services there’s always a 24 hour satisfaction guarantee. Although we strive to perform at 100% effort, we know that perfection is relative so what is perfect in one person’s eyes isn’t always perfect in another person’s eyes. So with any specific problem area if you’re not satisfied we will return to reclean the area in question within reason. When we have recleaned the specific area in question and the client is still not satisfied with that specific area the client’s money will be refunded following our money back guarantee.”

 About The Good Character Cleaners
The Good Character Cleaners slogan is: Let us Tackle the Dust and Develop Sparkle in Your Space. Call 770-574-4088 or visit the Good Character Cleaners website at for more information. Follow Good Character Cleaners on their Facebook page.

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