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Cobb Commission approved business-friendly incentives

March 7, 2018

Kyle Cornelius is trying to help two high-tech startup companies get off the ground in Cobb County. The young entrepreneur thinks a new package of incentives passed by the Cobb County Commission Tuesday night might encourage others to join him. “It is not the government’s responsibility to create jobs,” Cornelius told commissioners, “but to foster an environment where businesses can grow, and I think these incentives do just that.”

The Commission approved new economic development programs Tuesday night that target a wide variety of businesses from entrepreneurs to those in enterprise zones.

Dana Johnson, Cobb County’s Community Development Director, said his team worked on the incentives to move the county from a “one size fits all” approach.  “This package of programs and incentives forms a suite of services that can assist different types of businesses in various stages of growth,” Johnson said.

County leaders have recognized that not all businesses are the same and the programs offered are now as dynamic as the private sector itself. The new county programs and incentives include services for entrepreneurs, small businesses, business retention, targeted businesses, special economic impact projects, redevelopment, and enterprise zones. Eligible businesses could receive incentives ranging from assistance in obtaining grant money, receiving help in permitting, workforce training and construction processes, reduction in water and sewer bills, and cuts in various fees.

The programs will not only help to attract new businesses but also provide a boost to those already doing business in Cobb.  “The new incentives approved unanimously by our visionary board reinforces Cobb’s commitment to all types of businesses and especially to our existing businesses,” said Brooks Mathis, Executive Vice President of Economic Development and Executive Director of SelectCobb at the Cobb Chamber.

“The passage of the Economic Development ordinance is further proof that Cobb is more user-friendly with businesses of all sizes,” said Commissioner JoAnn Birrell, the Community Development liaison commissioner. “We are committed to being more inclusive and resourceful with new and existing businesses while also working to retain our current business climate.  I applaud the Community Development staff for their creativity and resourcefulness in working to have the ordinance adopted”.

More information on this Code Amendment package can be found here.

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