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Family Life Restoration Center Sets Goal of $75,000 to Open Homeless Shelter in Mableton

October 17, 2017

flrFamily Life Restoration Center (FLRC) is a 501(C)3 organization that has been providing human services for families since 2006. FLRC is committed to creating a multicultural, multiracial based center that is dedicated to clothing, feeding, sheltering and educating families on the proper family structure.

The mission is to help families become more efficient while going through financial transitions. FLRC is committed to helping to put an end to homelessness and hunger. Over the years, this organization has served as a safe haven for at risk youth in the community. FLRC partners with several churches within the community and the American Legion Post 264 to make a difference in the lives of others. FLRC has successfully provided human services for over 8,000 families through metropolitan Atlanta since its existence.

The organization has been commissioned to make a difference in the lives of those they come into contact with through the programs and services.

Two weeks ago, they had a visit from the Cobb County Fire Marshals and the outcome was not in their favor. They learned that they were in violation of several codes and was shut down immediately. As a result, FLRC had to go through the process of placing homeless people in other shelters until they could address the violations.

Through all of this, FLRC has remained hopeful and continue to view this as a opportunity to make the facility safer for those they serve. These violations are costly and the Family Life Restoration Center is asking if you would like to join in the effort to raise 75,000 to open the homeless shelter!

For more information about Family Life Restoration Center or to donate, click here.



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