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First Step Staffing and the Atlanta Braves Make Efforts to Get Jobs for Homeless Men and Women

September 26, 2017

First Step Staffing is a nonprofit organization that seeks to “break the cycle of poverty” and bring jobs for those who are homeless, struggling veterans or those who have been incarcerated. Their motto is “staffing for good.”

This organization, along with the Atlanta Braves, has brought at least 80 employees to SunTrust Park. These individuals work primarily in the janitorial services. However, First Step partners with over 70 social services organizations, such as the Salvation Army and shelters, to help these individuals reestablish structure and give them a second chance.

“First Step starts with the belief that individuals who have been homeless in many cases can be good employees and want to contribute and just need the opportunity,” said First Step CEO Dave Shaffer. “That job is very much a dignity thing for the individual and that opportunity is life-changing, and starts there with the job.”


Many men and women have been positively impacted by this organization and are being given a second chance in life. Darnell was one of those individuals. After being released from prison, he was told that his record would be a barrier for employment. Little did he know that First Step Staffing would actually overlook his past and focus on his potential and future.  Read more about his story here.

For more information or to learn more about First Step Staffing, click here.

Article Credit: AJC & Helena Oliviero
Photo Credit: AJC


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