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Simple C: Personalized Behavioral Care

July 3, 2017


Simple C is a science based technology company that designs and delivers personalized behavioral care to engage individuals with age-related memory issues, chronic conditions and mental illness.

The overall cost and complexity of care for individuals with cognitive or functional impairment is accelerating faster than the ability to care for and address their needs. Simple C’s media based therapies deliver a 60% improvement in patients within the first 30 days—that’s improvement in mood and the activities of daily living.

Disruptive automation of behavioral care is possible through SimpleC’s new suite of collaborative applications including The SimpleC Companion, where the individual receives 24/7 behavioral support via individualized media therapies.

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Owner: Daniel V. Pompilio

Year Established: 2007

Location: Atlanta

Number of Employees: 14 (full-time)

Rate of Growth of Sales in 2016: 0%



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