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Atlanta Area Institution Poised to Flood the Region with Investment Capital

June 23, 2017


 IgniteHQ, an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors and enterprises that exists to transform the South’s entrepreneurial landscape by flooding its participants with the resources they need to thrive – on a scale never before pursued – is housing a radical multi-billion dollar investment initiative called CurateFor.Us (

CurateFor.Us, the vision of new IgniteHQ President and CEO Mark Hubbard, connects companies and founders in the South with smart, networked capital from other parts of the world.

“We have a beautiful new state-of-the-art facility on Marietta Square and unique, dynamic relationships with enterprise and academia and sources of capital,” says Mr. Hubbard. “We want to use these resources to serve the region in profound ways and to establish IgniteHQ as the keystone and center of gravity for funding and innovation.”

Though the strategy was launched in June of this year, CurateFor.Us has already attracted more than $3.5 billion of hedge fund, family office, venture capital and private equity fund capital.

“Financial partners require investments that match specific mandated criteria and the resources to perform due diligence and oversight of those potential portfolio holdings. Operators want investors who match their approach, style and customer focus,” explains Mr. Hubbard.

With research teams performing fundamental, technical and legal due diligence, CurateFor.Us eliminates the costs and complexity associated with locating and vetting potential investments. Simultaneously the initiative serves as a new and vibrant lifeline for businesses looking to launch, grow, scale or exit. The curation methodology is stage and industry agnostic, so companies and investors of all sizes and types can apply.

In recent years, Atlanta has become one of the nation’s most exciting hotbeds of startup activity, but access to capital has always been seen as a challenge.

“It is an open secret that Atlanta is incredibly soiled. I wanted to do something audacious that creates far more value than we could ever hope to capture ourselves. Ecosystems thrive when participants are willing to do things that are ‘leaky’ – that cause the advancement of the system as a whole. Our ultimate goal is the flourishing of all stakeholders,” says Hubbard.

IgniteHQ was developed in partnership with Kennesaw State University, the third-largest university in the State of Georgia with more than 35,000 students, and in collaboration with the Cobb Chamber, one of the top three chambers in the nation.

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