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IAG Forensics & Valuation: Specialized Investigation and Business Valuation Firm

June 19, 2017


IAG Forensics & Valuation is a certified public accounting firm that specializes in forensic accounting, fraud investigation, and business valuation. The company’s professional team is primarily comprised of CPAs who also hold additional designations, such as Certified in Financial Forensics, Certified Fraud Examiners and various Business Valuation certifications. Often described as “CSI with numbers,” IAG’s accountants serve as independent investigators and interpreters, not advocates of the client’s case or position, this important distinction helps to create a highly ethical culture throughout the firm.

The firm’s clients are primarily litigation attorneys representing clients in matters involving white collar crime, business disputes, fraud, estate and trust accounting, accounting malpractice, bankruptcy, insurance claims and divorce. In addition, the company works with governmental organizations, businesses and non-profit organizations in reconstructing and reconciling financial records, tracing financial transactions, investigating fraud and valuing businesses.

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Owners: Laurie Dyke, Karen Fortune, Marty Varon, Dan Branch

Year Established: 2003

Location: Marietta

Number of Employees: 19 (full-time)

Rate of Growth of Sales in 2016: 3%



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