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High Road Craft Ice Cream, Inc: A Treat for Every Taste

June 15, 2017

High Road Ice Cream

High Road Craft Ice Cream, Inc. started as a group of chefs who made luxury ice cream for other chefs to serve in restaurants, hotels, and resorts. Soon after its launch, friends asked if they could buy ice cream, and the company opened its factory to the public on Saturdays. Now, you can find High Road Craft Ice Cream in grocery stores and specialty food stores in the US, Canada, and Mexico. They also support chefs, scoop shops, and other food service venues, too. High Road is doubling its business year over year and recently landed a spot at Publix Supermarkets.

At High Road, the company is passionate about making ice cream for food enthusiasts. It pasteurizes its own dairy and buys regionally-sourced nuts, buttermilk and berries. At High Road, the goal is every spoonful to be great and find ideas for new flavors in places near and far.  The company strives to honor the people and cultures that inspire it. The company and its employees strive to put smiles on faces.

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Owners: Keith Schroeder, Little Harbour Capital, Friends and Family

Year Established: 2010

Location: Marietta

Number of Employees: 40 (full-time)

Rate of Growth in Sales in 2016: 100%


Did you know: Owner Keith Schroeder is also a cookbook author. Check out his award-winning book, Cooking Light Mad Delicious: The Science of Making Good-for-You-Food Taste Amazing. His cookbook won a 2015 James Beard Award and the Time Inc.’s Luce Award for Best Book of the Year.


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