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KSU’s Continuing Education Payroll Certificate Program Prepares Students for Professional Certifications

June 8, 2017


The College of Continuing and Professional Education at Kennesaw State University is proud to partner with the American Payroll Association and present the PayTrain College & University® program for payroll professionals. Comprised of two professional development courses, Payroll Fundamentals and Payroll Mastery, this program is designed for all levels of payroll administration as well as those interested in preparing for the Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) or Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) certification exams.

“The Fundamentals and Mastery courses are designed to give you a significant edge over job seekers who lack certification,” said Jennifer Henderson, Payroll Certificate program manager.

Daphne Martin, program graduate, says the program and the certifications grew her confidence, knowledge and skills. “After being laid off, I knew I needed to sharpen my skills,” Martin said. “KSU offered me the start of a new career.”

Martin credits her instructors with much of her success. “They went above the call of duty to ensure we comprehended the material,” Martin said. She accepted a job offer shortly after graduation.

Payroll Fundamentals, part of the Payroll Certificate Program, covers the fundamental concepts, calculations, fringe benefits, tax compliance, record keeping and best practices, accounting, and administration as they apply to Payroll. Payroll Mastery is a comprehensive course that provides you with a solid understanding of advanced payroll topics necessary for payroll managers and supervisors.

“The Mastery course is ideal if you are an experienced payroll professional seeking compliance training, professional development, or for those getting ready for their CPP certification once other exam eligibility requirements are met,” Henderson said. “The fundamentals course is great for new payroll professionals and those who support the payroll industry.”

For more information on the Payroll Certificate program, visit or call 470-578-6765.

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