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Gaskins Engineering and Surveying Joins the Small Business Hall of Fame

June 2, 2017

Every year the Chamber honors a select group of small businesses. Each of these businesses has earned the designation as a previous Cobb Chamber Small Business of the Year or Georgia Small Business of the Year winner. Together, these businesses make up our prestigious Small Business Hall of Fame.

The 2017 inductee into the Small Business Hall of Fame is our 2016 Small Business of the Year winner: Gaskins Engineering and Surveying.

Gaskins is a family oriented engineering and surveying company striving to lead its industry and positively impact its community. As a 41-year-old company, Gaskins is well-established, but it’s also growing—in 2015 the company achieved a 35% increase in revenues and a record 68% net profit increase. This small business of the year has experienced its share of adversity and in response committed to maintain a position of low or no debt and a baseline cash position of $500K, build teams and partnerships, strengthen leadership and enhance technology. Another example of innovation and heart for this company is that Gaskin’s has their own GIVING TEAM, where five employees throughout the company evaluate opportunities to give to the community and help other employees, in need with financial aid.

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