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United Chiropractic Center Driven to Help Teachers

September 6, 2016

Sept Teacher AppreciationMarietta GA – United Chiropractic Center is offering a very special opportunity for all of the teachers in our community for the entire month of September with a New Patient Evaluation for FREE.

Teachers help cultivate the future leaders of our country and their health is of utmost importance when it comes to their ability to impact the children. Having a proper functioning nervous system is at the foundation of making this a reality and all of the teachers who participate in this amazing opportunity will be assessed for nerve interference.

“I have been a teacher for the past 12 years and a patient for the past 4 years of Dr. Landry’s,” says Mary S., a patient of United Chiropractic Center. “There has been such a noticeable difference in my ability to perform since participating in regular chiropractic care. My allergies, headaches, and fatigue have dissipated and now I am able to be even more present with the kids.”

Dr. Steve Landry serves along side his wife Dr. Amber at United Chiropractic Center. They have been serving our community since 2011 providing corrective chiropractic care for people of all ages and stages in life. Individuals from all around the world, from every background and culture, have trusted Drs. Landry with their health.

For more information about this special offer, please call our practice directly at 770-690-8959.


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