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Enhance Your Office Skills with KSU’s Professional Development Programs

August 4, 2016

KSU Professional DevelopmentIn today’s work environment, many employers are seeking employees with top-notch office skills. Whether you are an administrative professional at the forefront of a successful business or hold a supporting role in an organization, you can acquire the skills you need to flourish in the business world at KSU’s College of Continuing and Professional Education.

Today’s office professional must possess a broad array of technical and interpersonal skills to successfully contribute to the company’s vision. With the Administrative Professional certificate program, you can learn about professional writing, meeting and event planning, web conferencing, changing technology and business ethics. The interactive six-week course also prepares students for the Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) exam, the only recognized professional certification in the administrative profession that involves all areas of an office environment.

Katia Reynolds, graduate, said the program helped her with daily tasks at work. She learned tips on how to be more organized and how to properly file documents.

“I really think it improved my skills in different areas related to my position,” Reynolds said.

Complementary to the Administrative Professional certificate program, the Customer Service Specialist certificate allows students to improve their customer service skills and productivity. In this course, students learn about communication skills, listening skills, customer service and behavior, service in a diverse world, service via technology and the science behind customer loyalty.

“Customer service is essential for businesses and organizations,” Pam Moss, program manager, said. “Whether it relates to retaining customers, serving your audience, or turning inquiries from potential customers into sales, good customer service is one of the key factors in organizational success.”

Individuals interested in learning the fundamentals of computers, software, and the web will benefit from the Basic Office Technology certificate. Through application and instruction, students in this program gain a technical understanding of the desktop computer, notebook computer, smart phone, portable media player and digital camera. They will also learn how to create documents, presentations, worksheets and databases using the various Microsoft Office products.

“I graduated from the administrative professional certificate program, and I also finished the Basic Office Technology.”  Kenneth Ellis, program graduate, said. “The Basic Office Technology program provides good office training by allowing you to become familiar with the Microsoft Office package. This is a great course for anyone who wants to sharpen their office skills. I highly recommend it, 10 out of 10 points, five out of five stars, top rated.”

These programs are eligible for VA Education Benefits, payments plans and WIOA funding. For course listings or more information, visit or call 470-578-6765.


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