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Find Your Fitness Motivation with Deron Singh

July 19, 2016

Motivation is hard to come by whenever we’re in dire need to exercise. Sadly, so few exercise but so many are contemplating about doing it on a daily basis. This is an exhausting process because if you’re constantly thinking about doing something and not doing it, you’re draining more energy from that whole process. I want to help you break that cycle by showing you three tips that help keep me motivated to exercise…

The first thing you need to do is have a plan. Like the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Start out by writing what you’re going to do tomorrow in a day planner or google calendar. One of the biggest problems I see are people not finding time to exercise because they’re too busy . But it’s not that they’re busy because everyone is. The single Mom working full-time has the same amount of hours as everyone twenty four hours. It’s that we’re not planning our day properly. By planning on exercising we’re making it important. It’s no longer a matter of “when I get time” but making the time for it. By writing out your day as I call it, you are then able to see what events are taking place in it you can replace with a simple workout routine. The timing of the workout isn’t all that important- what’s important is for you to get moving and increase your heart rate. A simple google search will give you some great ideas or you can check out my YouTube channelfor some videos.

Secondly, make it F-U-N! Don’t make exercise seem like a chore. If you treat it that way, it will become that way. Remember when you were younger and your Mom gave you chores to do? You were probably like me and would do anything to get out of doing them. Don’t treat exercise like that or you’ll never find the motivation to do it. Even if you’ve never like exercising, you can always pretend to like it. Sounds funny, huh? But I promise you, If you pretend enough, over time you’ll no longer have to. We’re naturally going to do gravitate towards things that are exciting and fun.

One thing I do with my clients to keep the workouts fun is I do challenges. So for each month, I’ll do a monthly challenge where they’ll have to do one minute plank everyday or a wall sit for one minute and increase the time increment by ten seconds each day for thirty days. These are actually challenging (hence the name) but they’re fun to do because nothing is more rewarding than completing something difficult. The best part is you can challenge yourself in any way too! You can make it a challenge to run for one mile everyday or just do 22 pushups for 22 straight days. Whatever it is, make it enjoyable or you’ll find an excuse as to not do it.

The most important tip is tonot forget why you started. Obviously, no one is going to wake up at 6am to rush out the door to exercise without a purpose. There’s a reason to it all but until you know what it is you won’t be motivated to do it. It could be to drop 10lbs or maybe even 100lbs. It’s different for everyone. Whatever the reason, it’s important to remind yourself daily because here’s one thing I know about highly motivated individuals…

At times they feel like quitting but never do.

There’s going to be times (yes plural) when things are going to get hard for you. Your progress may slow down almost to the point of wanting to throw in the towel . It’s at those moments you remind yourself of why you’re doing it. Put reminders in your phone daily or weekly about what you’re trying to accomplish. Better yet, write and re-write your goal(s)  everyday until it becomes ingrained in your mind. This has been a practice which has helped me because when you draw more attention to your goals this way, you make them become important. Our mind will only attract what we think about so if all we think about is losing our beer belly , no matter what nothing will deter us from losing it!

These are very basic tips that anyone can do but it’s the basic principles that we overlook. If you need more motivation send me an email at


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