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Tim Lee Pushing Tax Rates to Near Historic Lows

June 22, 2016

Chairman Tim Lee is cutting tax rates for Cobb County families again. Today he announced that he would recommend the fourth tax cut in a row, taking the rates that homeowners pay to near historic lows.

“Our conservative, pro-jobs policies are paying off for Cobb taxpayers yet again,” said Tim. “In this job, you have to make hard decisions and take the heat that comes with that. But it’s obvious our plans are working. Property values are going up while tax rates are going down. Around SunTrust Park, new development and revenues are beating projections. It’s that kind of leadership that allows the commission to keep taxes low while increasing services, such as hiring more than 80 new police officers and making plans to purchase additional greenspace for parks.”

When it comes to delivering conservative Republican budgets – which earned the county the highest credit rating available – while slashing the tax burden on Cobb families, the July 26 election is no contest. Tim Lee’s policies are working while his opponent promises to take Cobb County in a different direction.

“My opponent has shown he can’t take the hard stands needed to move Cobb County forward,” Tim said. “He can’t say he’s for the Braves stadium but only with a referendum. That wasn’t one of the options. With that stand, the Braves would be headed to Tennessee. Last week when asked about false web stories saying Cobb was raising taxes, he said, ‘Let’s just say that some of my friends say it is true and some say it is not, and I always agree with my friends.’ When you always agree with your friends, you don’t stand for anything. You’re definitely not leading.

“Agree or disagree with my decisions, you don’t have to survey my friends to see how I’m going to waffle on an issue. You know where I am. I have led. And because of that leadership, today I’m fighting for yet another tax cut.”

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