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Get A Security Quote Presents Security Service Partnership Awareness Seminar

June 3, 2016

You are going to want to mark your calendar to attend this information-packed and fun filled half-day seminar!  The large number of security companies located in the Atlanta Metro Area has meant that it’s a buyers’ market when it comes to hiring security guard firms to protect your company assets. Potential buyers can afford to be picky, to look around for which company offers the best deal in terms of price and quality.

However, we know in order for you to successfully outsource your security guard service or evaluate your existing one, a good practical understanding of exactly what a security service provider can and cannot do for you is essential. This seminar will focus on six major areas and how the information provided can assist you and members of your management team in making a sound and intelligent decision about the existing or future state of security within your business. You will take away the following tips:

  • Learn how you are wasting thousands of dollars in net profits that can be eliminated!
  • Learn how to avoid civil liability and negligent torts, by properly vetting vendor’s licensing, insurance, & training
  • Learn why the lowest price for guard service may not be the best price. (The owners/staff skills & qualifications count!)
  • Learn why the Statement of Work is the most important document (Don’t enter into a contract without it!)
  • Learn the roles & responsibilities of a Security Officer: What they can and cannot do!
  • Learn what it really cost you, if you performed the safety and security function in house!

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