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Shared Visions By CaTwa, LLC Cares About Women Entrepreneurs

April 19, 2016

catwaShared Visions By CaTwa, LLC is an exciting new Entrepreneurial Consulting company based in Cobb County, Georgia. They have just launched their professional services on January 12, 2016 and the response across the Greater Atlanta area and neighboring cities has been incredible! Women, in particularly, are super excited about the much needed services offering education, guidance, support and mentorship using a step-by-step approach that was developed to get winning results!

For over 20 years, Catrina and Twana, duo founders of Shared Visions By CaTwa, LLC have been helping women define their passion to better align it with their purpose, so they can find true fulfillment in living a meaningful life as their most authentic self. Catrina and Twana can attest to the challenges women face in the various roles they are assigned and the difficulties in balancing those roles without a strong support system. Advising in small, healthy doses, is their forte, so the formalities, legalities and logistics of business ownership is easier to digest.

Catrina and Twana, the duo founders of Shared Visions By CaTwa, LLC, says “Women are entitled to live in their awesomeness, sometimes it takes personal mentors like us to help them recognize the better version of themselves and to show them HOW to invest in their future.” This dynamic duo has built a diverse entrepreneurial portfolio since 2002, while working in Corporate America, pursuing a higher education, raising a family and dealing with everyday life challenges.

Who best to trust than someone who has walked in your shoes?

Catrina and Twana are building their brand utilizing a business model that gets true results and they do so in a manner, whereby, the material is easily understood, for each level of entrepreneurship. “Invest in yourself, you owe it to YOU!” Share your vision; share your journey, with Shared Visions By CaTwa. You’d better believe there’s no stopping them now! For more information, visit them online at


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