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Bilingual Volunteers Needed for Cobb County Parent-Teacher Conferences

October 1, 2015

ccsd_cp_wdmk_rgb_350pxThe Cobb County School District is asking for people to volunteer their bilingual language skills to help parents and teachers communicate in parent-teacher conferences scheduled the week of October 18 through October 23, 2015. Typically during this time, college students, educators, business people, retirees, clergy, parents, as well as other community stakeholders have volunteered one to three hours to help parents and teachers talk about their children.  

Bilingual volunteers are eager to sign up for parent-teacher conferences because they are able to relate to the experience, know how important it is to understand what is being said, and for that reason, want to share their language interpreting skill.  

By using bilingual interpreters/translators, parents and teachers who speak other languages eliminate the potential lack of communication created by relying on students who might not know how best to communicate information about their teacher’s concerns to their parents.  Volunteer bilingual interpreters/translators help enhance communication between school and families.  Being able to understand written and verbal communication is essential and the support of volunteer interpreters/translators helps our families become more engaged in our schools.

The Cobb County School District will hold parent-teacher conferences the week of October 18 through  October 23, 2015, and bilingual volunteers are an important part of making those conferences successful. Those interested in serving as volunteer bilingual interpreters/translators should contact the Cobb County International Welcome Center by phone: (678)-331-3086 or by email: no later than Wednesday, October 7, 2015 to receive more information on registration and training.   

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