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Marietta Fire Department Awarded Highly Coveted Class 1 Designation

September 8, 2015

Marietta FDThe Marietta Fire Department is pleased to announce through its hard work, exceedingly skilled firefighters, and willingness to serve and protect the community the Department has been awarded the highly coveted Class 1 Designation from the Insurance Service Office.

“I am extremely proud of the resolve and dedication our department has shown throughout the rigorous process of receiving a Class 1 Designation,” said Fire Chief Jackie Gibbs.  “We take great pride in the high level of service, safety, protection, and fire prevention we are able to provide to our community.”

There are no fees involved in receiving this recognition, just hard work and determination from the Marietta Fire Department to maintain an excellent level of service to the citizens of the City.  The ISO ranking scale is based on a 1 – 10 ranking with a Class 1 designation being the highest recognition a department can receive.

Less than half of 1% or approximately 138 out of 48,000 fire departments across the country have a Class 1 Designation and the Marietta Fire Department is one of only ten departments in the state of Georgia to receive this recognition for the services it provides to the community.  Additionally, they are the first fire department in Cobb County to receive this designation.

This Class 1 designation not only commends the Marietta Fire Department for its preparedness to provide safety and security, it also saves Marietta’s citizens and businesses money.  This ISO designation has the potential to lower insurance premium costs to those citizens and businesses living and working within the Marietta Fire Department’s jurisdiction.

“I am extremely proud of our Fire Department for receiving this Class 1 Designation,” said Mayor Steve Tumlin.  “They have worked tirelessly to do all the things involved with earning this recognition.  With all the benefits of receiving a Class 1 Designation, including an increased level of safety and saving both taxpayers and businesses funds through decreased insurance rates, I believe our Fire Department adds another jewel to our cap in being a highly desirable place to live and work.  Congratulations to our Marietta Fire Fighters.”

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