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Cobb & Douglas Public Health Protects and Inspires the Community with New Speakers Bureau

August 28, 2015

To further its mission to keep the residents of Cobb and Douglas counties informed on immediate health concerns, such as children’s health issues, infectious and chronic diseases, and access to quality healthcare, Cobb & Douglas Public Health (CDPH) has implemented a new and extensive Speakers Bureau Program, offering vitally important information to keep our communities thriving and prospering.

The CDPH Speakers Bureau has been formed to provide expert speakers on over 20 different health-related topics to local organizations, schools, civic groups and businesses, at generally no cost to the organization. Topics include subjects such as the dangers of cardiovascular disease and childhood obesity, two of the areas most pressing health concerns. Others important topics cover understanding infant health, to give babies the best start in life, and preventing childhood injuries, which cause approximately 1,500 deaths in Georgia each year. A complete list of topics and a detailed abstract of each can be found at

Speakers include Dr. Jack Kennedy, CDPH District Health Director; Lisa Crossman, CDPH Deputy Director; Rachel Franklin; Director of Epidemiology and Health Assessment; Leticia Mathis, Deputy Director of Emergency Preparedness and Response, Priti Kolhe; Director of Immunizations; Laurie Ross, Director of Family Health; and other qualified CDPH subject matter experts.

“We have a tremendous amount of important information to share with the residents of Cobb and Douglas Counties, said Valerie Crow, Director of Communications at CDPH. “We want organizations and businesses to know that we are the “go to” resource for public health information and that we have made the process for scheduling speakers as easy as possible.”

For more information or to schedule a speaker, please visit

About Cobb and Douglas Public Health
Since 1920, Cobb & Douglas Public Health, with our partners, promotes and protects the health and safety of the residents of Cobb and Douglas counties. We work to achieve healthy people in healthy communities by: Preventing epidemics and spread of disease; Protecting against environmental hazards; Preventing injuries; Promoting and encouraging healthy behaviors; Responding to disasters and assisting in community recovery; Assuring the quality and accessibility of health care. By excelling at our core responsibilities, we will assist our residents in living healthier, longer and more rewarding lives. For more information visit

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