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Memory Made Simple by SimpleC

May 27, 2015

This article is number 22 in a series of profiles of the Cobb Chamber’s 2015 Top 25 Small Businesses of the Year. Check back with Chamber Ink everyday in May for a new profile on a different Top 25 Business. We will wrap up the series on June 1 with the announcement of the 2015 Small Business of the Year.


SimpleC is a science based technology company that designs, develops and commercializes assistive technology products in order to help individuals with memory issues maintain independent lives. SimpleC works on connecting family care recipients and caregivers to create a dynamic and collaborative system, that effectively promotes wellness and quality of life for all those involved.

SimpleC has developed a process called, “TaaS” which stands for Therapy as a Service. This process is a collection of enhanced therapies including individually configured touch screen computing devices, care goals supplied by caregivers and medical staff, clinically proven memory care therapies and much more.

SimpleC is the only science based company with a portfolio of products in their industry. Their science department has published two major peer reviewed studies in scientific journals and four other studies with GAPNA and GSA. SimpleC is constantly striving to combine innovative techniques and non-pharmacological interventions to support care recipients and families, in the creation of meaningful moments and sincere relationships.

Business Profile:

Owner: Dan Pompilio, John Zamer, Angel Investors

Industry: Technology

Year Established: 2006

Location: Atlanta

Number of Employees: Full-time: 17, Part-time: 2, Sub-contractors: 1

Percentage of Growth in 2014: 86%

Did You Know?: SimpleC spans many industries including, senior services, behavioral health network and computer-software development and sales.



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