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At Otter’s You Can Find Great Food, Excellent Service and All Things Chicken

May 23, 2015

This article is number 19 in a series of profiles of the Cobb Chamber’s 2015 Top 25 Small Businesses of the Year. Check back with Chamber Ink everyday in May for a new profile on a different Top 25 Business. We will wrap up the series on June 1 with the announcement of the 2015 Small Business of the Year.

Otters Chicken2014

Otter’s Chicken is a family friendly restaurant with a sports themed atmosphere. They strive to serve the absolute best chicken around. Otter’s prepares everything fresh daily, from their chicken to their Otter’s sauce. Their batter is home-made and fingers are freshly battered by hand, never frozen. They make everything themselves in order to guarantee it is made right.

One of their favorite sayings is, “If the Colonel had our chicken, he’d be a General by now!” This slogan inspired the restaurant to create the, “Otter’s Chicken General Club” which gives members a 25% discount at Otter’s on every visit. They want to make sure that every costumer that enters the door has a remarkable experience.

Otter’s Chicken was founded on the belief that all a restaurant needs is great food and excellent service to be successful. While they still hold that to be true, they know it is the little things they do that helps them to stand out amongst their competitors. Otter’s employee training process emphasizes bringing out each employee’s own personality as opposed to “canned phrases.”

Business Profile:

Owner: Will Peterson, Joanna Peterson

Industry: Restaurant

Year Established: 2009

Location: Marietta

Number of Employees: Full-time: 10, Part-time: 40

Percentage in Growth in 2014: 19.31%

Did You Know?: Otter’s loves our educators! Teachers always get free drinks at Otter’s


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