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Linda Rodriguez Agency: Devoted to Excellence

June 24, 2014

The Linda R. Rodriguez State Farm Agency provides valuable information about insurance, the risks that make it necessary, how to protect against risks and getting the most coverage and service for their client’s money. The agency also provides financial services products designed to meet individual client needs.

The culture cultivated in every team member at the Linda Rodriguez Agency is one which places the needs of their clients above all else, including profit or gain. This is accomplished through a system of shared values, beliefs and behaviors along with a stringent code of ethics that provides their clients the best possible customer service.

As the industry leader, State Farm is the number one insurer of autos and homes in the United States, and the Linda Rodriguez Agency builds on this strength to differentiate itself from competitors. The Agency has cultivated an impeccable reputation built on professional integrity, personalized service and client relations that provide candid expert advice and guidance for internal and external products and services.


Business Profile:

Owner: Linda R Rodriguez

Industry: Insurance Agency and Brokerage

Year Established: 2001

Location: Marietta

Number of Employees: 3

Percentage of Growth in 2013: 10%

Did You Know?:  The Linda Rodriguez Agency supports community organizations such as Calvary Children’s Home, YWCA of North West Georgia, The Rotary Club of Marietta, Shepard Center-Share Initiative, SafePath Children’s Advocacy Center Inc. and 10 Women of Hope to name a few.


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