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Hair Care Focused on Teamwork: Bob Steele Salon

June 4, 2014

Bob Steele SalonBob Steele Salon is not just any hair salon, it is a group of dedicated, passionate, award-winning professionals who strive to provide their guests with a luxury, welcoming experience. This salon operates of off six core values including: community, award-winning, integrity, continuous improvement, caring and having fun.

Bob Steele Salon is a full-service luxury hair salon with professional hair products and offers a group of premiere hair salons in the metro Atlanta area. Bob Steele has outstanding customer service and an incredibly warm and friendly atmosphere. The employees take teamwork very seriously and seek the perfect balance of community and professionalism.

Bob Steele differentiates itself from the competition based on two key areas: corporate culture and customer service experience. For the team, support and education are opportunities offered so that their stylists always feel confident and knowledgeable about the latest styles and trends.

Bob Steele’s biggest innovation is their commitment to their team and believe that their salons are only as good as their team members, emphasizing teamwork and education.


Business profile:

Owner: Amanda Hair

Industry: Hair salon

Year Established: 1979

Location: Marietta

Number of Employees: 63

Percentage of Growth in 2013: 11.9%

Did You Know?: Bob Steele’s Alpharetta salon was mentioned in Jezebel Magazine after their remodel in 2012.


Social Media:


                Twitter: @BobSteeleSalon


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