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Comcast Service Boosts Grady’s Health Care Initiatives

July 23, 2013

Comcast Cable has announced that Grady Health Systems in Atlanta will begin using one of its services, Comcast Business Ethernet.

Comcast Business Ethernet will provide technology-based health care initiatives, improving patient care and boosting efficiency for medical and administrative costs across Grady’s facilities. This service will deliver high-performance Ethernet to provide network capacity for Grady’s offices to use digital technologies, such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) and telemedicine programs for its patients.

“Grady Health System is well-recognized throughout Georgia for its trauma center and other innovative programs, and needed a high-performance Wide Area Network to support the many health care technology systems that it uses at remote facilities, including EMR and PACS,” said Bob Deckard, regional vice president at Comcast Business. “These innovative technologies can improve the speed and quality of patient care, and Comcast Business Ethernet enables Grady to deliver them throughout the greater Atlanta area in real-time.”

Digital health care technologies are highly dependent on a strong network infrastructure to provide the optimum results required by physicians and their patients. Comcast Business’ high-performance Ethernet will provide Grady Health with the network capacity required for its remote offices.

“Comcast Business Ethernet gives us five times the bandwidth at less than the cost of our previous provider, and they helped us to simplify our network infrastructure while streamlining the support services associated with change control, and the other administrative functions, which is important in an organization this large,” said Kevin Yearick, director of network services at Grady Health System. “The implementation process was simple because Comcast provides fiber connections right to all of our buildings, so we can connect 17 different sites and utilize the benefits of EMR and PACS throughout all of our facilities.”

Congratulations to Comcast Cable on expanding its business partnership with Grady Health Systems.


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