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Laser-Focused on Success

June 27, 2013

Laser Ventures

After experiencing a triumph over a serious heart condition, Robin Santana founded Lase’R Ventures, a mobile medical laser provider. Today, Lase’R Ventures is a regional leader in the medical laser equipment rental business.

In 2009, Santana reached out to Matthew McIntyre, the company’s current CEO, to help her expand her business. McIntyre began shaping the company through specific principles. “First, in everything we do, we always remember that our ultimate customer is a patient,” says McIntyre. “Second, we promote ethical dealing in every activity we undertake. We witness many unscrupulous business practices in our industry and rather than follow those practices for short term gain, we shun them and are ultimately rewarded for our integrity. Finally, we recognize that Lase’R Ventures is not an individual or a company. It is a group of people who we love and respect.”

These principles have paid off. In 2012 alone, the company experienced a 44.1 percent increase in sales. They use strategic alliances with vendors and customers to help ensure this growth. The company also takes care to train and support the staff to help the company exceed industry standards for excellent service.

Lase’R Ventures allows its employees flexibility with work schedules so they can participate in nonprofit boards, fundraising events and nonprofit community activities. The company has donated numerous hours to community service and $3,000 to nonprofit organizations.

This 2013 Top 25 Small Business of the Year company has received praise from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta and other organizations for the company’s work. McIntyre is proud of the company’s mission and dedication to service and clients.

Business Profile

Owner: Matthew G. McIntyre

Industry: Healthcare technology

Year Established: 2002

Location: Woodstock

Number of Employees: 27

Percentage of Growth in 2012: 44.1%

Did You Know?: Lase’R Ventures has offices in Georgia, Texas and Arkansas.

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