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Transforming Lives Through Home Decor

June 25, 2013

Glory Haus

Glory Haus, a home décor manufacturing company, was founded on the idea of putting God at the center of work. Owner Molly Holm believes that building a community and giving people the opportunity to grow and earn a living is one of the strongest values of her company. This belief is reflected in the company’s mission: “Community transformation that glorifies the Lord and changes lives through our work, art and relationships.”

Glory Haus prides itself in maintaining relationships with sales rep groups and more than 4,000 retailers across the country. With showrooms in Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Columbus, Denver, Philadelphia, and opening in Las Vegas this year, Glory Haus has seen growth every year by providing inspirational products that fill a need in the hearts of customers.

Glory Haus is also dedicated to service. In 2012, the company donated 320 community service hours and $118,560 to nonprofit organizations. One community Glory Haus is transforming is in India through an organization called Daughters of Hope, a fair trade, social enterprise providing training and employment to impoverished women. Glory Haus committed to the development of the factory, training, free meals, daycare and many prayers that this mission might change lives by helping these women lift themselves out of poverty and gain self-respect and a future for them and their children. They currently produce all of the linens in the Glory Haus line.

This 2013 Top 25 Small Business of the Year top nominee has received press from the Marietta Daily Journal, Giftware News, Smart Retailer and more media outlets for its products and commitment to transforming the community. Glory Haus continues to grow through empowering employees and through keeping God the center of the company’s mission.

Business Profile

Owner: Molly and Trey Holm

Industry: Home décor

Year Established: 2008

Location: Marietta

Number of Employees: 34

Percentage of Growth in 2012: 5%

Did You Know?: Glory Haus employees who take time off for a week to work with charitable organizations or other mission work still receive their salary and benefits.


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