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Cancer Prevention Research Study Enrolling at your Local YMCA of Metro Atlanta

February 15, 2013

The American Cancer Society’s fight against cancer began in the 1950s. The ACS has performed ground-breaking studies that led to discoveries such as the link between cigarette smoking and lung cancer and the role obesity plays in the risk of several cancers.

The American Cancer Society is encouraging men and women to participate in a historical research study at the YMCA of Metro Atlanta. The goal of CPS-3 is to enroll men and women of various racial and ethnic backgrounds from across the United States to participate in a study that will take a closer look at the lifestyle, environmental and genetic factors that may cause or prevent cancer.

If you are between the ages of 30 and 65 years old and have never been diagnosed with cancer, you are eligible to enroll. Enrollment will be available at your local YMCA beginning March 1-15.

Participating is easy and free. Each participant will complete these steps:

·        Read and sign an informed consent form.
·        Complete a survey packet which will ask for detailed information on lifestyle, behavioral and other factors related to your health.
·        Be measured for waist circumference.
·        Give a small blood sample (similar to a doctor’s visit).  The blood sample is drawn by a trained, certified phlebotomist.
·        Complete a mailed survey every few years over the next 20-30 years

By enrolling in CPS-3, you can join the fight against cancer and help eliminate cancer as a major health concern for future generations.

For more information about CPS-3, please visit, email, or call toll-free 1-888-604-5888. Information on how to schedule your appointment will be available soon.


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