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Always Moving Forward: The Wendy Bunch Team, RE/MAX Around Atlanta

July 9, 2012

Wendy Bunch believes that a simple hug can go a long way. As stated on her website, Bunch goes the extra mile to build trusting relationships with her clients and provide a human relationship rather than one dictated by technology. The Wendy Bunch Team serves Cobb County with outstanding reality services. For over 15 years, Bunch and her team has been able to overcome struggling economies and personal tragedies in order to maintain continuous business growth. Wendy Bunch, herself, has been the recipient of numerous honors within the real estate industry, including Director of Georgia Association of Realtors, Vice President of Governmental Affairs of the Cobb Board Association of Realtors, and has achieved the second highest in sales of Cobb County homes in 2011. The Wendy Bunch Team never ceases to foster progress and innovation. With a growing number of people looking to the Internet for listings and realtors, the team always ensures constant updates of their website and social media outlets. Using social media to connect with potential clients, as well as for marketing purposes, has already exhibited highly positive results.

Bunch and her team are actively involved in giving back to the community by volunteering in several different organizations throughout Cobb County. Bunch also coaches girls basketball in her spare time, helping young girls learn vital life skills such as teamwork and leadership. The Wendy Bunch team knows that giving back is important, and they make community service one of their top priorities.

Congratulations to The Wendy Bunch Team, RE/MAX Around Atlanta for your accomplishments and for your service to Cobb County. The Cobb Chamber is proud to award this Marietta company as one of the Top 25 Small Businesses of the Year.

Business Profile:

Owner: Wendy Bunch

Year Established: 1996

Location: Marietta

Industry: Real Estate

Number of Employees:  3 full-time; 4 part-time

Percentage of Growth in 2011: 36%



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