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Redefining the Paper Industry: RYECO, Inc.

July 2, 2012

Not many individuals realize the trials and challenges of the multi-faceted paper industry. That is, except for Tim Rye, founder and president of RYECO. 23 years ago, Rye developed and patented the first system that detected paper edge defects. After seeing the need for this innovation in the paper industry, he decided to create a company that specialized in it. Rye and his colleagues created an “Edge Crack Detection System,” which helped increase efficiency and safety in paper mills and web converting industries. Other systems that RYECO has been able to develop include: “Sheet Break Detection,” “Unwind Control” and “Lane Marking.” Since its inception, the company has been able to master the skills and industry intuition necessary to become known as one of the leading suppliers of resource saving products. They have installed over 1,500 systems worldwide and are even expanding into other industries such as web converting.

To survive the troubled economic times many small businesses faced in recent years, RYECO employees and leadership sacrificed in many ways to keep their close-knit company moving forward. The end result in 2010 was a stronger organization and a significant growth in sales. In addition, RYECO introduced employee empowerment to their staff, which, in turn eliminated the need for micro management. This enabled employees to hold decision-making power without fear of retribution, have a voice in the company and determine what measures to take to be profitable and succeed.

Centered around innovation, improvement and growth, RYECO solves problems and addresses situations within the company and in business situations with integrity and honesty. This company is heavily involved with giving back to its community and addressing the slowly transforming paperless world by getting people involved and making them more aware. Every year the company welcomes students from Kennesaw Mountain High School’s Magnet Program to conduct research studies for their internship project. The company also donates time as a leader for Boy Scouts of America as well as volunteering countless hours coaching on empowerment for the Women’s League.

RYECO has serviced the paper industry with systems that perform safely and more efficiently in paper mills. This company exemplifies how the advantages of being innovative and treating employees with respect can lead to tremendous success. The Cobb Chamber is proud to honor RYECO, Inc. as one of 2012 Top 25 Small Businesses of the Year.

Business Profile:

Owner: Timothy Rye

Year Established: 1989

Location: Marietta

Industry: Paper Quality Control System Manufacturing

Number of Employees: 23 full-time; 2 Part-time

Percentage of Growth in 2011: 9%


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