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Not Your Average Printer: RGI, Inc.

June 29, 2012

Established by Mike Rehg, who went out on a limb to start this company over 20 years ago, RGI is now a pioneer in the forefront for marketing and fulfillment needs. RGI provides their clients with creative marketing solutions and high quality printing. However, its services do not stop at just marketing and printing, they also handle fulfillment and warehousing needs with services such as low inventory warnings, inventory and usage reports, and ship and bill options. Rehg and his team are dedicated to providing the highest quality service to every customer by understanding the principles behind a brand and becoming an extension of the internal team of their clients’ company. This dedication and commitment has helped this small business grow from a small print shop into a 25,000-square-foot facility with over 30 employees and 8 million dollars in annual revenue.

RGI credits its exponential growth and success to its unique ability to fully embrace progress and adapt with the rapidly changing marketplace and consequential customer demands. RGI is constantly adopting and developing the latest technology in the marketing and fulfillment industry and fostering new programs that can help clients save time, money, and provide new ways to measure marketing efforts. Industry experience, vendor relationships, production management, and state-of-the-art technology are key factors RGI employs to secure their clients’ success. Serving over 250 clients, RGI is determined to always look ahead and analyze and understand trends in order to provide the best options for their clients marketing and fulfillment needs.

At the onset of 2011, RGI faced heavy adversity in the form of a 25 percent revenue loss. Its leadership team lost no time in hitting the drawing boards to form a long-term solution. In spite of the tough economic landscape of today, RGI never considered downsizing or cutting down on services offered to customers. In fact, they did the exact opposite and continued growing, becoming pioneers in new business models and production methods. RGI invests in its clients’ futures, understands their business, and, thereby, develops strong partnerships that allow financial success and sustainability for both parties.

RGI believes the key to the community’s future success lies within the investments it makes today. “Their success is our success” is a saying Mike Rehg regularly uses as a reminder for this important testament.

The Cobb Chamber is proud to honor a company so deeply committed to their customers and community as one of 2012’s Top 25 Small Businesses of the Year. Congratulations RGI!

Business Profile:

Owner: Mike Rehg

Year Established: 1986

Location: Marietta

Industry: Marketing, Printing, and Fulfillment Services

Number of Employees: 36 full-time; 2 Part-time

Percentage of Growth in 2011: 1.5%


Social Media:


                        Twitter: @RGI_Inc



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