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IAG: Finding the Truth behind the Numbers

June 21, 2012

     Ten years ago, Laurie G. Dyke built a formidable reputation through her top-of-the-line CPA firm, The Investigative Accounting Group, LLC (IAG Forensics), which specializes in forensic accounting, fraud investigation, and litigation support. Its clients consist of litigation attorneys, governmental and non-profit organizations, and small businesses. IAG Forensics pledges unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service delivered by their highly qualified employees who not only possess the necessary technical and accounting skills, but, more importantly, possess the knowledge, understanding, and extremely imperative ability of relaying information in layman’s terms. At IAG, leaving the client with a positive experience and providing value for its first-rate services are the top priorities. Personalized service for each client’s needs, 24-hour accessibility, and outstanding service at competitive rates are central components behind these priorities.

     Staying true to its priority of leaving the client with a positive experience, in January 2011, when a client could no longer pay for the work that was required to solve a large-scale litigation matter, IAG Forensics decided that a moral commitment had been made to the client which it held above the uncertain guarantee of payment for its services. IAG followed through the litigation and eventually resolved it through arbitration without straying from their high standards of integrity.  

     In order to prevent error, stimulate efficiency and performance, and ultimately bring value, IAG Forensics standardizes processes to apply to most of its projects by similarly reconstructing, reconciling, and analyzing complex financial transactions and then preparing and presenting the results of the analyses to judges and juries

“Our hard work and “value added” approach to business has paid off with approximately 60 percent compounded growth in both billable hours and cash collections since 2008, in spite of a challenging client situation,” said Laurie G. Dyke.

     This year is not the first time IAG Forensics has made Cobb Chamber’s Top 25 Small Businesses of the Year list. IAG Forensics consists of hardworking employees dedicated to providing the most accurate and personalized services and results to every client. It is a pleasure to honor them, yet again, by naming them one of 2012’s Cobb Chamber’s Top 25 Small Businesses of the Year.

Business Profile:

            Owners: Laurie G. Dyke

            Year Established: 2002

            Location: Marietta

            Industry: Investigative Accounting Services

            Number of Employees: 12 full-time; 2 part-time

            Percentage of Growth in 2011: 21% (billable hours); 5% (cash collections)



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