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Flying High: The Flag Company

June 18, 2012

           Necessity is often noted as the mother of invention. It certainly played a role in the development of The Flag Company. When Vicki Lawrence, president, saw the need for custom flag printing and flagpole services, she created The Flag Company. Today, The Flag Company is the largest distributor of flagpoles in the Southeast. Lawrence’s first major break came at the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta when the company supplied flags and flagpoles at all of the Olympic venues. The company’s reputation grew and attracted new clients like Dow Chemical, Manpower and Turner Field. The Flag Company not only offers various types of flagpoles, but they are able to custom print flags for their customers and provide their patented Flagpole beacon, which properly lights a flag at night without producing excessive light pollution. The company also has two specialty items: Feel Good Light-Ups, a decorating alternative, and toothpick flags.

           Trying to keep up with industry changes, The Flag Company is focused on creating innovative products. The company has come up with ways to provide green alternatives through their invention of a solar-powered flagpole beacon. Another way the company is staying on top of its competition is through its online store. The Flag Company was the first company in its industry to open an Internet store, 15 years ago. With a large selection available to order online, The Flag Company is easily accessible to any customer. Over the years, the company has become the largest distributor of message flags and the largest manufacturer and distributor of toothpick flags.

           Even though the Flag Company is nationally known in the flag industry, the company still maintains a family atmosphere by celebrating employee birthdays, hosting a July 4th lunch and having their annual Christmas breakfast. With less than 20 employees, the Flag Company encourages its staff to make suggestions and be proactive. Everyone’s voice and opinion is heard in this small business which, in turn, has helped the company maintain reliable employees and customer service.

           The Cobb Chamber is proud to award The Flag Company with the honor of being one of the 2012 Top 25 Small Businesses of the Year.

Business Profile

                Owner: Vicki Lawrence

                Year Established: 1989

                Location: Acworth

                Industry: Custom Flag Retail and Manufacturing Services

                Number of Employees: 16

                Percentage of Growth in 2011: 17.3%



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