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Croft & Associates: Building New Opportunities

June 12, 2012

         Croft & Associates is a well known full-service architectural firm that is based out of Kennesaw. The firm specializes with retail, mixed use, commercial, financial, hospitality, mission critical, government, residential, and church projects. Croft & Associates offers their clients a wide range of opportunity as well as the knowledge that it takes in order to be successful. Unlike many small architectural firms, Croft & Associates has the ability to work nationally with over 40 state registrations. Nothing stops this firm when it comes to size. Croft & Associates has been able to develop relationships with larger architectural and engineering firms to team up with government opportunities and larger projects where they specialize on the small business components of various projects.

        Focusing on client relationships, Croft & Associates is determined to create whatever a client desires. Building these relationships all starts with the exceptional business practices of the firm. Croft & Associates are dedicated to engaging, educating and equipping their employees. They do this by having weekly lunches with all of the employees to teach staff the latest products and technologies in the industry and also having senior architects working with employees on training, mentoring, and assuring quality control. Encouraging all employees to work together to achieve greater success and to review past issues enables the firm to produce an attractive product.

        As a local small business, Croft & Associates always makes sure that giving back to the community is on the agenda. Over the past year, the firm has been able to contribute $25,000 to non-profit organizations, as well as participating in non-profit events. From offering pro-bono work for local organizations to sponsoring events for church mission trips, Croft & Associates truly knows how to give back on all levels.

        This year is not the first year making it on the Cobb Chamber’s Top 25 Small Businesses list, and it is obvious why. From maintaining growth in sales in a struggling industry to providing aid to local organizations, Croft & Associates are have proven that they are above the rest.

Business Profile:

Owner: Jim Croft and Mark Jackson

Year established: 2005

Location: Kennesaw

Industry: Architecture

Number of Employees: 16 full-time; 1 part-time

Percentage of Growth in 2011: 6%


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