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Velociteach: Training Future Leaders

July 11, 2011

   Velociteach supports project managers in their professional growth at all stages of development, from new practitioners to experts. The company offers a wide variety of live and online classes, as well as books, quick reference guides and audio CDs available through retail outlets. The ability to tailor these solutions to the customer’s needs has set Velociteach apart from the competition, bringing their expertise to a broader customer base than ever before. Obtaining clients such as FedEx, Chick-fil-A, Home Depot and the FBI has generated a substantial growth for the company in its nine years of operation. Velociteach sees innovation as a process of “creative destruction,” creating new products that compete against established ones, pushing the company toward improvements and cutting-edge products. This drive led to one of the first online Project Management Professional Certification programs, years ahead of their competitors. Hard work, timely opportunities and the gifts and talents of their team members have helped Velociteach rise to prominence in their industry.

Business Snapshot
CEO: Andy Crowe
Industry: Project management products and educational services
Company Description: Provides corporate education in project management across a variety of industries and publishes a best-selling line of management books and resources.
Number of Employees:  10 full- and part-time
Percentage of growth from 2010: 38%
Location: Kennesaw
Contact Info:

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