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Status Blue: The Vendor Compliance Network

July 6, 2011

   Status Blue has created a new standard within the healthcare industry that ensures hospitals are safer and in greater compliance with government regulations. Their company has innovated and carved out a new niche called Vendor Credentialing and Compliance within this industry, which is now estimated to be a $25 million industry. This innovative software tracks and authenticates each vendor representative that is selling and marketing products to the hospitals, in order for the hospital to maintain compliance as well as meet certain patient safety and security goals. Status Blue has an impressive list of contracted clients including large health systems, academic medical centers and community hospitals. In order to use this software effectively, proper implementation and relationships must be in place, which is where Status Blue differentiates from the majority of their competition. By traveling to the client for on-site visits, they are able to get to know the client and meet their needs effectively. The innovation of a new product and process has placed Status Blue above the competition as a strong ally to the healthcare industry, ensuring better security and compliance for all of their clients.

Business Snapshot
President: John Wills
Industry: Custom Computer Programming Services
Company Description: Internet-based database and vendor credentialing service for the Healthcare Supply Chain industry.
Number of Employees: 18 full- and part-time
Percentage of growth from 2010: 49%
Location: Marietta
Contact Info:

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