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Kelly Construction Company Builds a Solid Future

June 24, 2011

   Starting as a vision from Robert Kelly, Kelly Construction Company now stands tall as a successful business, poised on the brink of future growth and expansion. Kelly hopes not only for his business to benefit and succeed, but also to serve as an example for other individuals that it is possible to grow and reach the American dream, despite the hardships current market conditions present. By striving to develop the company’s image as one matching their self-identity, Kelly Construction has emerged as a leader in the field and is capable of delivering outstanding and reliable performance with extraordinary customer service at competitive prices. When many other construction companies were folding under pressure, Kelly Construction was able to take advantage of the turning economy by focusing on customer service to keep their current clients as long-time customers. By keeping their projects on schedule and on budget, Kelly Construction Company has established a strong client base and continues to grow as a valuable partner in the community and construction industry.

Business Snapshot
Vice President/CEO:
Robert Kelly
Industry: Civil Construction
Company Description: A heavy, civil construction company that encompasses site preparation, trucking, demolition and right of clearing and grubbing.
Number of Employees: 28 full- and part-time
Percentage of growth from 2010: 100%
Location: Austell
Contact Info:

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