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The Flag Company Stands Tall

June 20, 2011

   Vicki Lawrence and her company have taken a simple product and turned it into a booming industry. As the largest distributor of flagpoles in the Southeast, The Flag Company sells flagpoles and flag-related products to 18 defined categories of business, including single-use purchasers through its internet store and large clients, such as the Manpower headquarters and Fort Benning.

   Through innovation and unique design, The Flag Company has expanded their products and consumers in their 22 years of business. External factors such as the 1996 Olympics and the events of September 11th have boosted their market, but the majority of the company’s success stems from creating new products and successfully marketing them, finding niches for these products, and quickly responding to the needs of customers. The Flag Company has created and patented the Flag Beacon, an energy-efficient, low maintenance product designed to reduce light pollution and light trespass, which represents the only true innovation in the flagpole industry in the last 50 years. Additionally, flags are screen printed on a contract basis for one of the top five manufacturing companies in the nation and for one of the largest banner companies in the Southeast.

Business Snapshot
Vicki Lawrence
Industry: Flag retail and manufacturing
Company Description: Flagpole and flag-related product retail to eighteen defined categories of business
Number of Employees: 13 full-time
Percentage of growth from 2010: 17.1%
Location: Acworth
Contact Info:

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