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EPIC Response: A Helping Hand

June 17, 2011

   Dealing with the aftermath of a disaster poses many unforeseen challenges, but EPIC Response had excelled in customer service, support and leadership since its inception in 1995. As one of the Southeast’s premier providers of restoration solutions, Jason McGahee and his team provide 24/7 response for property emergencies to commercial and residential clients. EPIC faced many challenges with a company based highly on catastrophic weather events, but has been able to expand programs and restructure the organization to increase their profits and abilities. Donating over 800 hours and $68,000 to multiple non-profit organizations, EPIC has been able to use their skills not only for their clients but also for their community giving them a reputation of expertise and service. Sustained innovation, value-added service, structured processes and a well-defined business model have allowed EPIC to consistently exceed sales goals and increase customer retention. Though economic uncertainty is currently high, their enthusiasm for the future has never been greater.

Business Snapshot
CEO: Jason McGahee
Industry: disaster recovery and property reconstruction
Company Description: full-service disaster recovery and property reconstruction company for clients throughout the Southeast, primarily services including structural dehumidification, Environmental Remediation, Specialized Cleaning/Decontamination and Contents Restoration.
Number of Employees: 56 full- and part-time
Location: Marietta
Contact Info:

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