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Turf Kings: Deluxe Athletics

June 15, 2011

   Deluxe Athletics, a full-service provider of synthetic turf applications, holds its company and employees to high standards, since its products will be used over many years by neighbors, friends and community leaders. From its inception, Deluxe Athletics wanted to be a productive, caring and giving member of the surrounding community, which it has achieved through donating over $42,000 and 140 hours of community service to local non-profit organizations. This desire to contribute to a stronger community is evident throughout their business, especially with planning individual contracts. Not only has Deluxe Athletics brought business to Cobb through their multiple turf projects, but they have also tried to keep as much of the contract in the county as possible, through the use of local businesses for materials, tools, fuel and additional necessary items to complete their work. Its unique business model has allowed Deluxe Athletics to control every aspect of the contract, from the manufacturing to implementation of the turf, reducing both cost and liability and leading to their 120 percent growth in the last year. Deluxe Athletics has remained one of the Cobb Chamber’s Top 25 Small Businesses of the Year for the past three years, and hopes to continue the great growth and success in Cobb County for many years to come.

Business Snapshot
President: Christopher Daniluk
Industry: synthetic turf industry
Company Description: licensed general construction company specializing in turnkey solutions for synthetic turf – from consultation and planning through all phases of construction and any aftercare required.
Number of Employees: 28 full- and part-time
Percentage of growth from 2010: 120%
Location: Marietta 
Contact Info:

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